Mechanic Services

We are a full Bicycle, Skateboard and Scooter service center.

We Can help sell your Bicycle here at our Bike Shop.  Call for details, 636-332-2453 Steve

We provide: Repairs on all types of bicycles,   Skate boards,  electric Scooters and Trick Scooters. 

We Consult you on what best fits your needs When buying a bicyc from our Bicycle Shop. 

We provide private and group Bicycle clinics:   How to work on your own bicycle. - Clinics on how to ride your bicycle.

We never say we know it all and if we cannot help you in the area you need to go.   We help find you a shop that can provide your needs.

We can help with your school, to have a bicycle rodeo and bicycle safty.

We can help you with Fundraising as well.   questions 636-332-2453

We Believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he gives me strength to carry on.   Please share your Bible Verses with us so we can share them with others.  Share them on our face book page.  Tell us why that message means so much to you to share. 



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